World-class tests at group rate for construction companies

Construction companies are facing a testing time.

Every industry in the world need to change in response to coronavirus. The construction sector is no different. How can construction companies, with their inevitable close proximity of workforce, be confident that we have done everything they can to comply with best practice and provide the most virus free building environment possible? By ensuring all staff and contractors have been tested. And by having protocols in place for tracking, tracing and testing

Palmyra Construction has partnered with several leading testing laboratories to negotiate a group rate for the UK construction industry. The labs have agreed to make the student and staff of education establishments a testing priority and can guarantee accurate test results for every test within 24 hours.

Group rate Covid testing

They have also agreed to provide the tests at cost price. This means construction companies can have access to world class testing at 30-40% of market cost.

The labs are all already under contract to provide testing for Public Health England and will carry out testing for you at the same level of accreditation, only faster.

Palmyra Construction is happy to arrange for your company to have access to this unique package and will help familiarise you with the protocols which other companies have already set in place.

For more details please contact UK Business Director, Dan Vale by emailing